Sony FS7 vs Canon C300: Video Camera Specs, Sample Footage & More (Which pro video camera to buy?)

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The Sony FS7 and the Canon C300 are two of the most popular professional video cameras these days. They’re both capable of shooting incredibly high quality footage and they’re both in roughly the same price range. But how do these cameras compare? In this article we’ll lay out how their specs differ and we’ll also look at sample footage from both the C300 and the FS7.

Canon C300 Sample Test Footage

Here is some C300 Mk II sample footage. Pay attention in particular to the C300’s shallow depth of field, color, low light situations, and slow motion. This video also highlights some nice bokeh effects.

Sony FS7 Sample Test Footage

Here is some FS7 II sample footage. This video has some silhouettes and timelapse examples in addition to FS7 slow motion examples, shallow depth of field, color handling, low light situations, and slow motion.

Canon C300 vs Sony FS7 Tech Specs Compared

Below we’ll compare the technical capabilities of both the Canon C300 Mk II and the FS7 II cameras. How much do these two cameras overlap and how much is different?

Specification Sony FS7 II
Canon C300 Mk II
Sensor Type: CMOS CMOS
Max Resolution: 4K (4096 x 2160) 4K (4096 x 2160)
Max ISO: ISO 2,000 ISO 25,600
Max Framerate: 60fps (4K),
180fps (1080p)
30fps (4K), 60fps (2K),
120fps (1080p)
ND Filters 5 Settings 3 Settings
LCD Monitor 8.8cm 10.1cm
Video Format(s) XAVC, MPEG-4 H.264/AVC MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Max Bitrate 600Mbps (4k) 160Mbps (4K)
Media Type XQD Card
(Example price)
CFast Card
(Example price)
Weight without lens 4.4lbs (2.0kg) 3.9lbs (1.7kg)
Shoulder Mount? Included,
Requires kit
RAW/Log Modes? Yes & Yes Yes & Yes
Price Check Price Check Price

Bottom line on technical comparison between the FS7 and the C300: Both cameras are capable of shooting extremely high quality video in resolutions up to 4K. The FS7 can record higher frame rate 4K video at a higher frame rate than the C300, and at a higher maximum bitrate, but it’s also bigger and heavier (comparing both cameras before adding lenses). Both cameras have pretty different form factors which needs to be taken into consideration as well, which brings us to our next section…

Ergonomics of the Sony FS7 vs the Canon C300

While these two cameras record similar quality footage, one key difference between the C300 and the FS7 is that they have slightly different form factors. The Canon camera, perhaps owing to the still camera ancestory, is configured a bit closer to a chunky (but still small) DSLR than a video camera. Meanwhile the Sony, perhaps because of its own video camera heritage, has a form factor that’s more like a traditional video camera.

While both cameras can be set up with rigs to work in any way you desire, it’s worth considering whether this form factor difference will impact your decision to buy either the Canon C300 or the Sony FS7. The FS7 for instance comes with a detachable Smart Grip with rec recording control as well as a zoom controller and more.

What type of media cards do the Sony FS7 & Canon C300 use? Video out options?

The Sony FS7 has two slots for XQD memory cards. The FS7 also has an SD card slot but that’s only used to copy configuration settings from one camera to another (the FS7 cannot record video to SD cards).

Meanwhile, the Canon C300 Mark II has two CF card slots for recording to CFast cards and one memory card slot for SD cards (which are not fast enough to record at the highest quality settings).

In addition, both cameras have HD-SDI video out and HDMI output ports, allowing you to connect an external hard drive for high quality recording to solid state drives, etc. Both cameras can also output a feed to a range of high quality external monitors. Here are the technical specifications of the video output port options on each camera.

C300 Video Out Ports:
2X HD-SDI MON. terminal, REC OUT terminal, HDMI OUT terminal, headphones terminal, SYNC OUT terminal (also serves as GENLOCK terminal), TIME CODE terminal (input/output switching), VIDEO terminal

FS7 Video Out Ports:
BNC(x2), switchable with 3G-SDI/HD-SDI, SMTPE292M/424M/425M, HDMI

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What lens mounts do the C300 and FS7 use?

Here’s what the Sony website says about FS7 lens options:

Sony’s α mount lens system offers unsurpassed compatibility with both Sony and third-party lenses. The FS7’s E-Mount can take Cinema lenses and SLR lenses with a third party adaptor, as well as Sony’s E-mount and A-mount lenses. So whether buying new lenses, or making use of lenses you’ve already purchased, the FS7 makes it easy.

Here’s what the Canon website says about C300 lens options:

Expand your creative options by shooting with more than 90 of Canon’s current interchangeable EF and EF Cinema lenses. Servo zoom support further increases shooting versatility. The camera’s EF lens mount can be switched to EF mount with Cinema Lock or to PL mount, and back again by an approved Canon service centre.

Both cameras can also use lens mount adapters to attach other types of lenses.

How much do the FS7 and the C300 cost? Where to buy the FS7/C300

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