Father's Day Gifts for Movie Lovers

20 Father’s Day Gifts for Movie Lovers

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Dads deserve their own version of pampering for Father’s day. If your father is a huge movie lover, then it’s not hard to give him what he needs: a comfy recliner, his favorite snacks and beverages, and a marathon of his favorite movies. But if you’re looking for a slightly more creative gift for dad, he’ll love these Father’s day gifts for movie lovers.

Movies Gift Ideas for Dad

1. Vintage Movie Projector Lamp

Vintage Movie Projector Lamp Father's Day Gift

This unique gift will really WOW movie loving dads. Light and Time Art takes real vintage movie projectors and recycles them into these awesome lamps. These are perfect for display in a home theater or living room, as they are both cool and functional lights.

2. Clapboard Throw Blanket

The perfect addition to a home theater room or cozy living room. This blanket is the perfect excuse for a long movie marathon. This super-soft microfiber throw blanket is printed to look like a vintage clapboard. It’s a fun accessory for movie fans that Dad will enjoy when watching TV at night.

3. Unpaid Movie Critic Mug

Unpaid Movie Critic Mug -Father's Day Film Lover Gift

This mug is a must have for any dad who loves to make his opinions on movies known! This mug says “Unpaid Movie Critic” and is available as a traditional mug, travel mug, water bottle, or tumbler. Include some of dad’s favorite coffee or tea to make a gift he’ll really appreciate.

4. Minimalist Movie Posters

Dial M for Murder Minimalist Movie Poster Father's Day Gift

Many people find traditional movie posters to be too loud and garish for home decor. But you can delight Dad with these minimalist movie posters from Swedish artists bySvoon. They take popular films and reimagine them into sleek minimalist movie posters that look great with any home design.

5. “Movie Night Menus” Food & Drink Recipes

If your father is a bit of a foodie, he can bring his love of movies into the kitchen. This recipe book from Turner Classic Movies has dinner and drink recipes inspired by famous movies from the 1930s to 80s. Perfect for a fun night in or hosting a combination dinner party and movie night, dad will make good use of these recipes for years to come.

6. Movie Make Coaster Set

Movie Make Coaster Set Father's Day Gift

For the dad who is nerdy about behind the scenes or is even a filmmaker himself, this coaster set is the perfect addition to his home. This set of four wood coasters features patent prints for the motion picture camera, film reel, spotlight, and film.

7. Movie Theatre Popcorn Tie

Neckties are a classic Father’s Day gift, but this one has a fun movie-themed- twist. This tie features a print of delicious overflowing movie popcorn buckets. A fun tie to wear for movie date night.

8. Movie Themed Whisky Glass

Movie Themed Whisky Glass

If your father enjoys a nice glass of whiskey while he watches movies, this gift will give him a fun way to enjoy his favorite drink. 365 Print Co makes these engraved whiskey glasses inspired by a variety of TV and movies. This 12 oz rocks glass is etched by hand and gifts well with a bottle of dad’s favorite whiskey.

9. Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning

One of the best parts of going to the movie theater is the delicious popcorn. Now dad can have a premium popcorn experience at home. Kernel Season’s makes a variety of yummy popcorn flavors to jazz up your popcorn at home. This variety pack is the perfect sampler so your father can try classics like butter and white cheddar along with caramel corn or cheesy jalapeno. There are eight flavors in all, so the whole family can find their favorite.

10. Custom Family Superhero Portraits

Custom Family Superhero Portraits Father's Day Gift

If your dad loves blockbuster movies, this is a great way to show your appreciation for all the hard work he puts in as a father. Digital Portrait World will take photos of your family and create a movie-themed poster. There are options for one person to up to 10 people so the whole family can be included.

11. “Letters from Hollywood” Book

If your dad is a huge fan of classic cinema, he’ll appreciate this book which provides a unique behind-the-scenes view of movies from before 1970. Letters from Hollywood collects interesting letters, memos, and telegrams sent by the biggest names in Hollywood. Reproduced in full color, with insightful annotations, this collected correspondence gives incredible insights into the experiences of the greats like Alfred Hitchock, Katharine Hepburn, and Tom Hanks.

12. Clapboard Cufflinks

Clapboard Cufflinks Movie Gifts for Father's Day

This is a fun way for dad to dress up and show his love of movies. This set of cufflinks features traditional Hollywood clapboards. Comes in a gift box ready for gifting.

13. Custom Video Tape Poster

Custom VHS Tape Poster Movie Gift for Father's Day

This is a gift that dads who remember recording movies on VHS tapes will really appreciate. Gifted Gold makes these cool custom posters that look like a stack of VHS tapes with handwritten labels. You get to pick the movies on the tapes, so you can customize it with all of dad’s favorite films.

14. Movie Night Gift Box

Now a movie night at home can be just like a night at the movie theater. This awesome gift box is filled with tasty treats to snack on while watching movies, plus microwave pop corn and two movie theater style popcorn containers. Dad will love this gift!

15. Carved Wood Home Theater Sign

 Carved Wood Home Theater Sign Father's Day Gift

This is a must-have for the home theater of movie obsessed dads. Clifton Woodworking carves these personalized wood signs in the style of a movie theater ticket. Since each sign is custom made, you can choose the name that appears on the sign and also customize the numbers to be a special date.

16. Filmmaking Classes from MasterClass

Whether your dad dreams of making his own movie or just enjoys watching behind-the-scenes documentaries for his favorite movies, he’ll really enjoy the gift of Masterclass. MasterClass is a subscription service that gives unlimited classes on a variety of topics from masters in the field. They have tons of classes about movie making and entertainment-related topics. Dad can learn all the details of independent filmmaking from Spike Lee or Mira Nair, master the art of directing with Ron Howard, Jodie Foster, and Martin Scorsese, learn to write his own screenplay from Aaron Sorkin, or have his own acting class with Natalie Portman and Helen Mirren. New classes from experts are added all the time. It’s a fun way for Dad to explore his love of movies from the creative side.

17. Retro VHS Tape Lamp

Retro VHS Tape Lamp Father's Day Movie Gift

You’ll never find something like this in stores. Reel VHS Lamps takes old VHS tapes and upcycled them into cool lamps. They have a variety of movies available, so you can find dad’s favorite. You can customize the light color and power options.

18. Do Not Disturb I’m Watching Movies Socks

Weekends are for movie marathons! And this is the perfect pair of socks for Dad to kick back, relax, and watch his favorite films. This funny Father’s Day gift is a pair of socks and on the bottom they say “Do Not Disturb, I’m Watching Movies.” He’ll love to wear these while lounging on the recliner and watching movies–or napping!

19. World’s Best Dad Popcorn Bucket

World's Best Dad Popcorn Bucket Movie Gift for Father's Day

There’s no better way for dad to enjoy some popcorn than with his own personalized popcorn bucket. Personalized with vinyl letters, they say “World’s Best Dad.” Choose a small or large size.

20. Movie Scratch Off Poster

Help dad cross all the best movies off his bucket list with this gift. This poster features the top 100 movies of all time according to IMDB. Each film is waiting to be scratched off when you watch them. It’s also a cool art piece for the home theater.

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