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20 Awesome Gift Ideas for Documentary Filmmakers

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Documentary filmmakers are a unique breed–I’ll admit it. Often we aren’t quite the same as other filmmakers since our interests lie in translating reality to film and telling true stories. That sentimentality means we aren’t interested in the kind of gifts fiction filmmakers and screenwriters might enjoy. There is some overlap, but gifts for documentary filmmakers can be even more meaningful when you really customize them or the profession. So if you’re searching for the perfect gift for the documentary filmmaker in your life, this list will give you some great ideas. These presents are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and any other gift-giving occasion.

Gifts for Documentary Filmmakers

1. Documentary Film Books

If you’re looking for a gift for an emerging-level documentary filmmaker–someone who isn’t well established and is maybe trying to break into the nonfiction film business–getting a book about documentary filmmaking can be a great option. Students and first-time documentarians can gain a lot of wisdom from these books. We’ve gathered together a list of the best books about documentary filmmaking. Check out the link below to pick a book from our complete list:

2. Women Filmmakers Unite T-Shirt

Women Filmmakers Unite Feminist Documentary Film T-Shirt

If you’re shopping for a documentary filmmaker or film student who happens to be a woman, this Women Filmmakers Unite T-Shirt makes a great gift. With a bold and colorful illustration of a female director and a woman sound engineer, this tee is great to wear on set or just hanging out. If you’re looking for a shirt that’s a little more understated, check out The Future of Film is Female T-shirt.

Also available as a hoodie for chilly weather.

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3. A Portable Cell Phone Battery Charger

Documentary filmmakers often times spend long hours “on location” and depending on where they are they might be far away from power outlets. As documentary producers spend a lot of time on their phones while they’re on the job, a portable battery pack for recharging cell phones can be a very thoughtful gift. This cell phone charger can recharge phones multiple times. It will also recharge iPads and other types of USB powered devices (in addition to the dual built-in flip-out cables, it also has a simple USB port that you can plug anything into).

4. Welcome to the Doc Side Tote Bag

Welcome to the Doc Side Tote Bag

This gift is handy and fun. The funny design on this tote bag will be appreciated by any documentary filmmaker. It features a movie clapper with the phrase “Welcome to the Doc Side.” Will it with other film goodies to create an awesome gift bag.

If tote bags aren’t your style, this design is available on other products like t-shirts, mugs, and water bottles.

5. Recycled Film Reel Wall Clock

Recycled Film Reel Wall Clock - Gifts for Documentary Filmmakers

This is an amazing, unique gift any documentary filmmaker will appreciate. PixelThis is an Etsy creator who makes clocks from recycled objects. This clock is made from an old 16MM movie reel that’s outfitted with a clock at its center. Perfect for home or film studio, this is a creative and unexpected gift any filmmaker or lover would enjoy. If this style doesn’t suit you, they have a variety of film reel clocks available.

6. Errol Morris: Interviews (Conversations with Filmmakers Series)

This is by no means an instructional guide about making documentaries but is instead a compilation of interview transcripts with master-documentarian Errol Morris. If you’re looking for a gift for a documentary filmmaker and they’re a fan of Errol Morris’ work like Fast, Cheap and Out of Control or The Thin Blue Line or Tabloid (or any of a dozen other great films), this might be a great gift. At times sardonic and always witty, Morris–himself a master interviewer–reveals some of his secrets, like trying to pay as little attention as possible when he’s interviewing someone.

7. Documentary Filmmakers Unite – Documentary Film T-Shirt

Here’s another great t-shirt for documentary filmmakers and documentary film fans. Although the pool of people who make documentaries is probably smaller than the pool of fictional filmmakers, we’re small and mighty! Documentary filmmakers need to support each other and form a community of their own. Embrace this message with this “documentary filmmakers unite” shirt.

This film shirt comes in men’s and women’s sizes in gray, light blue, olive green, and dark gray. See also our article with a list of other shirts for documentary filmmakers.

8. Film Projector Patent Print Art

Film Projector Patent Print Art Gifts for Documentary Filmmakers

This is a nice gift for a documentary filmmaker’s home or office. Catkuma Patent Press specializes in making beautiful art prints out of designs from patents. This print features the Motion Picture Projector patent from 1936. It has a nice industrial vintage look that goes well with many decor options. It’s also a nice way to mix up wall art that can trend towards documentary movie posters.

Comes in 11 different poster sizes in a variety of different print styles and colors, printed on heavyweight matte paper that’s perfect for framing.

9. GoPro Action Camera

Action cameras are a lot of fun and whether the filmmaker you’re choosing this for will use it professionally as part of their filmmaking process or if they’re just going to take it on vacations, a GoPro can be a great gift for documentarians. Although there are a whole series of different types of GoPro cameras, this model with a color LCD screen is the best choice for most people. It records brilliant 1080p color video with sound and can also do time-lapse modes as well as fun fish-eye super-wide effects. Plus, depending on what the next project of the documentary filmmaker is that you’re giving it to, you might just be equipping them with a camera they’re going to use professionally! We’d say that’s pretty neat.

GoPro not in the budget? Check out these cheap action cameras and affordable alternatives to GoPros.

10. Rock Out With Your Doc Out Laptop Sleeve

Rock Out With Your Doc Out Laptop Sleeve

MacBooks are essential gear for documentary filmmakers and this sleeve is a fun way to protect their computer. It features a vintage VHS tape with the phrase on the label: Rock out with your Doc out. Great for aspiring filmmakers and fans alike.

This design is also available on shirts, mugs, and other items.

11. Masterclass Subscription


Film school is expensive and even if your filmmaker has been to it, there’s still more to learn. And how often do you get to learn from one of the greats? Masterclass makes it easy to learn filmmaking from a variety of the best professionals. A subscription is a fantastic gift for documentary filmmakers. That gives unlimited access to classes from greats like Werner Herzog and Ken Burns. Herzog well known for his documentary films like Grizzly Man and Cave of Forgotten Dreams. He has decades of experience to impart to documentary filmmakers. His class covers general film topics like teaching yourself storytelling, financing films, finding locations, and editing. He also has four lessons specifically about documentary filmmaking. Some students will get feedback from Werner himself. This is a great gift for any documentary filmmaker who is early in their career.

Ken Burn’s entire course is focused entirely on documentary filmmaking. He’s best known for his captivating historical documentary series that make wonderful use of archival footage and photographs. His classes cover all the topics needed to make a documentary, including finding the story, interviewing subjects, and sourcing archival materials.

12. International Documentary Association Membership & Magazine Subscription

IDA Gift for Documentary Filmmakers

For established documentary filmmakers a membership to the IDA (International Documentary Association) can be a thoughtful gift. Most documentarians are not members of this group but they publish a quarterly magazine and also have an online master-filmmaker seminar series for members only.

As part of an IDA membership, they also offer some other special filmmaker-centric perks. Memberships start at $55.

13. Movie Clapperboard Earrings

Movie Clapperboard Earrings Gifts for Documentary Filmmakers

The clapperboard is an iconic symbol of filmmaking, and now it’s available as a pair of earrings. Handmade by Using Shapes, these movie clapperboards are made from wood with hypoallergenic posts. These are fun earrings perfect for wearing during a long day of shooting or while they’re editing their next documentary film.

14. I Heart Documentaries Sticker

 I Heart Documentaries Sticker

Give your loved one a way to show what they love! This cool vinyl sticker says “I [heart] documentaries” and is ready to decorate their car, water bottle, laptop, or any other smooth surface. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

This design is also available on shirts, water bottles, and other items.

15. A Funny Documentary DVD

Everybody likes funny documentary films and depending on the documentary filmmaker you’re shopping for, a funny documentary might be a great option as a gift. For instance, a classic DVD like the “American Movie” documentary which spotlights the misadventures of a hapless filmmaker as he tries to complete a film would be a welcome gift in many documentary filmmaker households. Check out our list of the funniest documentaries.

16. 35MM Film Negative T-Shirt

35MM Film Negative T-Shirt - Gifts for Documentary Filmmakers

This is a nice, subtle gift for any filmmaker. This t-shirt features a printed of a frame from a 33MM film negative. It’s got a cool vintage feel to it and the simple style is fantastic for any fashion sense.

There shirts are made to order, so you can select dark or light gray. Available in women’s size (picture) or mens/unisex.

17. I Came. I Saw. I Shot. Keychain

I Came. I Saw. I Shot. Keychain Gifts for Documentary Filmmakers

This gift is perfect for documentary filmmakers and camera shooters. The keychain comes with a film reel charm and a copper dog tag that is hand stamped to say “I came. I saw. I shot.” They also provide the option to add an initial charm to personalize the keychain. This is a thoughtful gift that’s perfect for carrying keys or attaching to a gear bag.

18. Camera Lens Travel Mug

Here’s a cute gift idea for filmmakers and photographers: it’s a travel mug that looks like a lens. It’s insulated to keep hot liquids warm and cold liquids cool no matter the weather. This mug is also comfortable to grip even with very hot liquids inside, plus it has a screw off lid. This particular model is not dishwasher safe but if that’s important you may find other models of the same product that are (see the related products to pick one out).

19. Yes, I am Still Working on my F-ing Documentary Mug

Yes, I am Still Working on my F-ing Documentary Mug Gift Idea

If you want to give your favorite documentary filmmaker a way to enjoy hot beverages at home, this mug is a great gift idea. It’s perfect for the documentarian who has been working on his project for a really long time. Make this an unforgettable gift by including some of their favorite coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with the mug.

This mug is available in 11 oz or 15 oz sizes and dishwasher and microwave safe.

20. Custom Filmmaker Portrait

Custom Filmmaker Portrait Gift

If you want a documentary filmmaker gift that is completely unique, check this out! Cartoon Portrait specializes in custom gifts for all kinds of interests. They take a photo of your loved one and draw them as a filmmaker with a camera, lighting, and a script in hand. This one of a kind gift is great for professionals and aspiring filmmakers alike.

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