how to make a documentary film

Making a documentary is different from making a fictional film but it’s not necessarily “less work because you’re just capturing real life.” What beginning or aspiring documentary filmmakers may not know is that documentary films often have scripts and involve tons of research, substantial budgets, and complex editing. In thisRead More →

documentary film distribution how to

So, you’ve made a short documentary. Congratulations. Now, how can you get people to watch your film? The most obvious idea is probably to throw it up on YouTube or Vimeo, post the link on Facebook and hope it goes viral. But we’ve got some more sophisticated ideas. Check outRead More →

how to distribute a film online

Making a batch of 1,000 DVDs or Blu-Rays isn’t always cost-effective for low budget documentaries unless you’re sure that you can sell them all. But distributing your film online can cost next to nothing– if you choose an option that doesn’t have a setup fee or an annual fee (whichRead More →

how to make a low budget documentary film

Photo credit Documentary filmmaking can be quite expensive: budgets can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for a feature-length documentary. If you’re interested in making a low budget documentary film, especially if you’ve never made one before, you’ll need to spend wisely and count every penny. 10 LowRead More →