reporter style microphone for interviews

If you’re looking for the best handheld microphone for interviews, you’re in the right place. In this article we’re going to run down some of the best “reporter microphones” and ENG microphones (Electronic News-Gathering microphones), the type you see reporters using on television. We’ll also look at some accessories youRead More →

how to mic sit down interviews

Getting great sound for documentary style sit down interviews is extremely important and if you’re reading this article you’ve probably already realized that on-board (on camera) microphones just don’t cut it. Generally speaking there are two common ways to mic a documentary interview: either with a lavalier microphone (skip downRead More →

documentary film equipment list

Let’s say you’re making a documentary film. You have your subject and… nothing else. While there are plenty of generic film equipment lists for fiction films, documentary films often need specialized equipment. So here’s our complete documentary film equipment list. Some documentaries may need only a fraction of these itemsRead More →

microphone for voiceover

Often the difference between film and video work that seems amateurish and work that seems polished and professional comes down to sound. The viewer won’t recognize well-recorded sound but they definitely will recognize poorly recorded audio. And nowhere is that more true than in omnipresent documentary narration. Note that allRead More →