how to mic sit down interviews

Getting great sound for documentary style sit down interviews is extremely important and if you’re reading this article you’ve probably already realized that on-board (on camera) microphones just don’t cut it. Generally speaking there are two common ways to mic a documentary interview: either with a lavalier microphone (skip downRead More →

how to shoot a white background video

Videos with white backgrounds are a popular aesthetic choice that’s clean and simple. It used to take a movie studio to film a scene with a white background like in the Hollywood movie “The Matrix” or as seen in Apple commercials. But shooting a video with a white background isRead More →

hdmi pro video recorder external

Professional video recorders that capture ProRes or DNxHD video on solid state disks (SSDs) are compelling products these days, because of how much they speed up post workflows (skipping conversions) and also because of their increasing affordability. Although workflows and specific needs differ from case to case, whether you’re shootingRead More →