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Sony FS7 vs Canon C300: Video Camera Specs, Sample Footage & More (Which pro video camera to buy?)

The Sony FS7 and the Canon C300 are two of the most popular professional video cameras these days. They’re both capable of shooting incredibly high quality footage and they’re both in roughly the same price range. But how do these cameras compare? In this article we’ll lay out how their

The best mountable professional action cameras & GoPros for filmmakers

GoPros and other small action cameras are increasingly useful to indie filmmakers and documentary filmmakers as they become higher quality and more durable. Action cameras like GoPros are especially useful for filmmakers because they can provide a unique point of view and since they’re cheap to the point of being

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How to use notecards for story outlines (documentary filmmaking tips)

Documentary filmmakers and all sorts of other types of storytellers often encounter a problem: starting a story is often easy, but plotting out an entire narrative arc that works well can be harder. This problem is especially hard in documentary filmmaking because you as the filmmaker often have several pieces

Film Lighting Kit Reviews

The best on camera lights and camera mounted LEDs for video

On camera video lights are extremely useful when you’re shooting with a DSLR or other video camera in a dark environment. We’ve rounded up the best on camera lights for video below. Candidates for best on camera lights for video: Neewer Dimmable LED on Camera Light for Video This on

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Best Lavalier Microphones for Zoom External Digital Audio Recorders

Portable digital audio recorders like the Zoom (and others) are a popular way to capture high quality audio these days. But in many types of environments and for many use cases, you might want to connect a lavalier microphone (or two) to your recorder. Using a lapel mic that is

Video Camera Reviews

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Filmmaking Gear Reviewed

This website is meant to help you find the best HD documentary filmmaking equipment and gear, be it cameras, lights, microphones, research materials, documentary filmmaking camera kit accessories and everything else to make your documentary. Browse our recommended products or drop us a line. Also see our article: Best Documentary Filmmaking Cameras in 2018Are you making a documentary film? Do you need to figure out which documentary film cameras, microphones, books about film festival strategy, and other gear and documentary filmmaking accessories are right for the job? We hope this website, with articles like 5 Things to Consider Before Buying A Documentary Film Camera, the ten funniest documentaries of all time, and spell-binding mystery documentaries can help out.

Documentary Filmmaking Knowledgebase:

Documentary Filmmaking in the modern age is exciting: as video equipment prices keep dropping the number of people who can afford to become documentary filmmakers has expanded rapidly. This means that there's more competition than ever before in the documentary film industry but it also means that there are more and more venues to show your work. While we're focused on documentary filmmakers specifically, much of the video equipment on this website is also useful for those making fictional films and independent filmmakers of all stripes.On this website you will find information about the best low budget documentary film equipment including video cameras, lighting kits, sound gear (such as lavaliere microphones and boom mics) as well as editing software, external hard drives for video editing and more.Documentary Film Interview Technique: Should the Questions be Heard on Screen?Ten Killer Documentary Filmmaking Interview Tips

Documentary Film Cameras: Find The Best Gear to Make Your Documentary

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